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About Tetrate Tech Talks

A new series of broadcasts that runs every Friday at 9:00 AM Pacific streamed to YouTube and to LinkedIn Live.


  • learning and sharing knowledge
  • getting to know the diverse members of the service mesh community
  • have fun!

Episodes present a technical topic and feature a guest.

Upcoming Episodes

  • Kiali
  • Web Assembly

I'm your host, Eitan Suez

I work at Tetrate, and I like to talk tech.

Previously on Tetrate Tech Talks..

In the last episode we discussed onboarding VMs to a mesh.

My colleague Peter Jausovec, tuned me onto a blog entry titled an easier way to add virtual machines to Istio services mesh, which I recommend you check out, to get deeper into that topic.

Free Workshops!

We run these workshops periodically. But the lab materials are free and available for you to work through (and contribute to) at any time.

Istio Certification

  • On the Tetrate Academy

    If you already obtained your Kubernetes certifications, the next logical step is Istio certification. When you're ready, we have the certification exam available for you to take.

  • Stay tuned for a future episode with Peter Jausovec about the certification exam, where we will ask him for his advice on how to prepare, what to study, and perhaps even his personal take on the value of getting Istio-certified.

Upcoming Industry Events

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Finally.. the episode

  • What are we going to learn?

    Upgrading Istio

Let's get started..