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About Tetrate Tech Talks

A new series of broadcasts that runs every Friday at 9:00 AM Pacific streamed to YouTube and to LinkedIn Live.


  • learning and sharing knowledge
  • getting to know the diverse members of the service mesh community
  • have fun!

Episodes present a technical topic and feature a guest.

I'm your host, Eitan Suez

I work at Tetrate, and I like to talk tech.

Previously on Tetrate Tech Talks..

  • Onboarding VMs onto your mesh
  • Canary-upgrading Istio

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Istio Certification

  • Certified Istio Administrator

    If you already obtained your Kubernetes certifications, the next logical step is Istio certification. When you're ready, we have the certification exam available for you to take.

  • Rakesh B recently posted: My preparation log and experience of ISTIO exam

  • Stay tuned for a future episode with Peter Jausovec about the certification exam, where we will ask him for his advice on how to prepare, what to study, and perhaps even his personal take on the value of getting Istio-certified.

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Finally.. the episode

Adopting Istio at Salesforce

with Pratima Nambiar & Varun Talwar

My guests

  • Pratima Nambiar, Principal Architect @ Salesforce

    • Salesforce was an early adopter of service mesh technology
    • And Pratima was intimately involved in this effort, and continues to be
    • Past Istio Community Meeting, May meetup
  • Varun Talwar, CEO @ Tetrate

    • Varun was on the team at Google that created Istio
    • CEO at Tetrate, on a mission to bring service mesh to the enterprise

Interview Epilogue

Upcoming Episodes

  • April 22 - Kiali (the console for Istio) with Lucas Ponce
  • April 29 - Bye week (on account of IstioCon taking place that week)
  • May 6 - Web Assembly with Brian Sletten

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