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About Tetrate Tech Talks

A new series of broadcasts that runs every Friday at 9:00 AM Pacific streamed to YouTube and to LinkedIn Live.


  • Learning and sharing knowledge
  • Getting to know the diverse members of the service mesh community
  • Have fun!

Episodes present a technical topic and feature a guest.

I'm your host, Eitan Suez

I work at Tetrate, and I like to talk tech.

If you're with us live, I invite you to say hello to everyone in the chat.

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My guest: Brian Sletten

Brian is the president of Bosatsu Consulting. He is a consultant, trainer, and also author of the recently-published WebAssembly: The Definitive Guide.

Interview: Exploring Web Assembly

  • Eitan will be interviewing Brian
  • What questions do you have for Brian?

Web Assembly resources that pertain to Service Mesh and Envoy

Upcoming Episodes

  • May 13 - Envoy & Kafka with Adam Kotwasinski, from Workday
  • May 20 - Stay tuned

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