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About Tetrate Tech Talks

A new series of broadcasts that runs every Friday at 9:00 AM Pacific streamed to YouTube and to LinkedIn Live.


  • learning and sharing knowledge
  • getting to know the diverse members of the service mesh community
  • have fun!

Episodes present a technical topic and feature a guest.

Meet our CEO, Varun Talwar

  • Varun, meet the Service Mesh community!
  • q: In your own words.. what this new broadcast series is all about?

I'm your host, Eitan Suez

I work at Tetrate, and I like to talk tech.

A little bit about myself and my background.. I've spent a lot of time in the last few years doing a lot of technical explaining: technical education, training, in-person, online, conference training, and more.

My background has a long tail so to speak, I started out as an electrical engineer turned software engineer. An abbreviated history.. was gung ho about the web in the years when netscape announced its browser. Did a lot of Java and Javascript, startups in the late 90's and early 2000's, user group community stuff, conference speaking, Groovy, Spring, consulting, to education.

Moved from dev to ops with cloud foundry and bosh, then to Kubernetes and now to all things service mesh.

You'll have plenty of opportunity to get to know me in this and upcoming episodes!

Tetrate Tech Talks web page

Free Workshops!

We run these workshops periodically. But the lab materials are free and available for you to work through (and contribute to) at any time.

Upcoming Industry Events

  • IstioCon 2022, April 25-29

    • I hope to be conducting a workshop.. Istio 0 to 60. Join me!
  • ServiceMeshCon & KubeCon EU, May 16 + 17-20

    • Tetrate will be running its own one-day event with keynotes, talks, and announcements. Stay tuned for more information on that.

    Come join us in Valencia, Spain!

  • Austin Roadshow - April 21

    Stay tuned for more information on that event as well.

Join the conversation..

Here is the Invite URL to our community Slack organization

Finally.. the episode

  • What are we going to learn?

    How to connect VM workloads to Istio Mesh

  • Our Guest: Bart van Bos

Let's get started..

Did I mention.. join the conversation?

Here is the Invite URL to our community Slack organization