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Episode 1

Recorded episode

Your Host: Eitan Suez

Eitan will be hosting this episode from Austin, Texas.

Topic: How to connect VM workloads to Istio Mesh

There's much to explore about service meshes.

Istio deployments run on Kubernetes, but did you know that you can expand the mesh to include applications running on VMs?

We begin the episode with a demonstration of how to add a VM to your Istio mesh, based on the terrific Istio documentation.

Eitan will be running the demonstration. If you'd like to follow along, the instructions are here.

Guest: Bart van Bos

Bart is a Tetrand living and working in Belgium. Bart has experience working with customers and integrating service meshes in the enterprise.

Bring your questions!


Friday 2022.04.01 @ 9:00 AM Pacific time